How the players rated as the hosts ended the tournament?

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How the players rated as the hosts ended the tournament? The hosts were on course of an historic win and it looked that it was their name on the trophy but it finally slipped from their grasp as the Portuguese team stole the trophy under the skin of French team leaving the whole team and fans in tears. The final demanded some sensational performance from the lads which would have turned them into great players to the unlikely heroes but this is not the end of French team as even if they were hit with the injuries they came back strong and make their home fortes for them which were finally breached by the Portuguese. Here is look on how players performed for their team-

Hugo Lloris – 6

Just because he has got a poor rating doesn’t mean it was a poor performance by him. He was not even tested for the most part of the game until the final moments where he handled Nani’s cross with ease but had no chance with the Eder goal as it was hit with an absolute perfection.

How the players rated as the hosts ended the tournament?

How the players rated as the hosts ended the tournament?

How the players rated as the hosts ended the tournament?

Bacry Sagna – 7

The Manchester City man did his job superbly as he was given the hob to deal with the paced Portuguese attack and he delivered that ob in style.

Laurent Koscielny – 7

He had also nothing to do for the most part of the game as Portuguese team were no bale top challenge him on a single occasions in the first half but authorize the French defense with sheer brilliance. Some would make him a criminal for the match as he gifted Eder with too much space but I will not take the credit away from the Portuguese hero.

Samuel Umtiti – 7

Seeing this lad performed really proved that Barcelona have struck gold as despite he is still young showed a great composure for the team.

Patrice Evra – 6

The old warhorse for the French team totally justified his selection as he couldn’t compete with the players on physical standard but stamped his authority by bringing his rich experience into the match.

Paul Pogba – 6

Was good for the French team but was not on the level that the French team expected him to be as he didn’t performed like the way he should have and it will probably have made Manchester united management wonder whether he is worth 100 million.

Balsie Matuidi – 6

The Paris saint Germain man looked instrumental for his team as he controlled the possession and tempo of the game but couldn’t become the X factor of the game.

Moussa Sissoko – 8

Undoubtedly the best player for the French team as he truly showcased the greatness he is capable off. He was the instrumental in the French attack as he tested the Portuguese sensation a couple of times.

Dmitri Payet – 5

Was named as the main man for French team after his stupendous exploits in the group stages but the main man was probably the poorest player on the team.

Antoine Griezmann – 6

Not a good performance as because of the standards he set for him but no offence for this man as he was the main that dragged them into the finals.

Oliver Giroud – 6

Another match where expectations were high on the French man and another match where he failed with his ordinary contribution for the team.


Kingsley koeman – 7

Probably should have played as a starter for the team as he had a serious impact on the French team as he came off the bench.

Gignac – 5

Had the best chance for the French team right in the dying minutes of regular time but was silent mostly.

Anthony martial – 5

Unused for the most part of tournament, the Manchester united ace was brought as a gamble to change the match but hardly had a single touch on the ball.

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