Pep Guardiola does not revolutionize all concerning English football

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Pep Guardiola does not revolutionize all concerning English football, Pep Guardiola entered the Manchester city with some expectations like changing English football. Pep Guardiola thought he believed himself to be a success on the football played in Manchester City other than declared he will be not able to change all about English football. Guardiola initiated his permanent status at the club after two successfull spells at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, totally winning six league titles and two champion league trophies by means of a brand of slick pass and move football. Guardiola expected that he will work a variety of football visions at his new club.

Pep Guardiola does not revolutionize all concerning English football

Pep Guardiola does not revolutionize all concerning English football

Pep Guardiola does not revolutionize all concerning English football

However, during the press conference held on Friday,  he talks about the prospect of him changing English football culture. The country which created football as well as believing that  to alter something would be a little bit conceited. He understood he was not good enough to change everything. To completely change the mentality of a club more than 120 years would be presumed. He trusted a lot himself and thought that they have the ability to do the job. They do not come to Manchester city to change the mentality or else the culture of the England. German city is entirely different from Spain related to its weather, history and everything. They decided to work with various people and try to play in the same way because he has the hope to convince the players, it is the better way. But this is not easy, they need some time to convince the players.

 Pep Guardiola in Barcelona and Bayern Munich

Pep Guardiola  said, he was so lucky to travel to Barcelona and Bayern Munich among these amazing players as well as to win a lot of titles in a short period of time. These expectations are same in all players and they will work hard to achieve them. Joe Hart will be initiated as the Guardiola’s first choice goalkeeper, although his changeable appearance for England at Euro 2016.  At this moment, without doubt he is no 1 and always looks for the best option to create a perfect team. But Guardiola does not  worry about the performance of Joe Hart in Euros. The quality of Joe Hart is similar to Raheem sterling.

Performance of Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling

During the last season, the expectation became very high about Joe Hart. But his performance was ok and Joe Hart did not play regularly, his confidence went down. It is necessary for all the players to create a good body language along with good team spirit and after that they have the best quality. The big problem is that the player is not having good quality. Sterling has a little problem with the money, but Guardiola encouraged him and showed him as a good player. The player just has to focus on his life and profession, he will surely have a good season. The coming season also analyzed as the break for Vincent Kompany because of the continuous injury of the Captain. Guardiola told that his dream is for Vincent Kompany to be fit. The captain gets a lot of experience and is a wonderful center back, however he has to be fit. They talked with him and just told him to focus on his body and mind and then come back in the past. Vincent will show all his qualities. Pep Guardiola  said that if the player is living under pressure, they will not have the ability to win everyday, this is important for every player to change the play.

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