Long jump and its interesting factors

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Long jump and its interesting factors, Sport is the event played by all interestingly and eagerly to win in the Olympics. Some people find a sport for relaxation and some people will play the sport for achieving medals and fame. An outdoor game gives you good experience in improving and maintains your muscle strength and muscle tone. In Olympics, there will be athletes practising regularly for their win. The long jump is the outdoor sport played from school level to international Olympic level. Even at the school level, there will be players who play this sport very well. If you stick to this article you can gain relevant information about this game.

Long jump and its interesting factors

Long jump and its interesting factors

Long jump and its interesting factors

Fact about the game:

The long jump is otherwise called as broad jump. This jump is played in track in the combination of speed and strength. This game is the jumping event played at Olympics. Playing long jump is the difficult event in comparing with all the sports because this game only requires a great deal of skill. Regarding rules jumping is the difficult task and some people will call it us triple jump. People like to jump in a triple manner and from early this level is included in the game. People land in the sand called skamma. The objective of the game is that distance speaks a lot with the speed.

Long jump and its interesting factors How to long jump?

Playing long jump is not a simple task. First, it looks very simple that you need to run and jump at the line. But there are some technic issues to jump and follow. Here are the steps provided how to jump according to with the rules and they are

  • First, you should know about the jumping area and you should inspect it
  • You should bend forward and make move that is dominant foot
  • From the dominant foot, you need to move by counting your steps
  • After inspecting the ground and steps mark the land where you should land during the play
  • At the centre of the track get ready to move
  • Run and jump into your marked area.

Above given are the steps for beginners who like to playing long jump. If you follow these steps you can easily achieve your target in this sport.

Rules of the game:

Rules of the game are called the law. If you play according to the given rule then you can score the points easily. If not this is considered as foul and eliminated out of the game. The rules and regulations in this game are

  • Each player has number of attempts
  • If the jumper crosses the foul line then it is considered as foul and distance for their jump is not considered.
  • If the game ends in a tie between the players then players should try next attempt given by the official. During his time whose jump is far distance then they will be declared as the winner.
  • Only three trials will be provided along with three additional jumps
  • Do not keep their head in the superior position

Techniques for jump:

Even though you know to jump well according to the rules and regulations. You must want to know the techniques that take you to a higher position in the game. Speed is the main factor for success. There are five techniques be followed during the play. The manoeuvres are

  • Approach run this is the most important factor in deciding your velocity level. If your velocity is high then you can jump at high.
  • Last two strides-objective of this technique is that to take off your body to move along with the velocity
  • Take off while moving to take off your needs to follow kick style, double arm and sprint
  • Action in the air makes a move along with the air
  • Landing- with all your speed land at the correct marked position.

Final words:

With a lot of speed, run and over distance training makes you a good athlete in this game. Because of playing this game you can increase your speed and power. By this game, you can improve your grip strength and neuromuscular function. Play this game and get the benefit at sky level.

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