Know the Cricketers of All Time

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Cricket is such a game which is followed by the people of almost all the countries whether their country is in the game or not. And Know the Cricketers of All Time of the cricket lovers and the fans are also not restricted to the boundaries of the nation. If you love cricket truly then you must cheer when Gayle hits a six or Sachin makes century whether you belong to their nation or not. So let’s take a look at the 5 cricketers who made it big not only for them but also for the nation and the world of cricket.

Know the Cricketers of All Time

Know the Cricketers of All Time

Know the Cricketers of All Time

  • Sunil Gavaskar: If someone has to be called as the megastar of the Indian cricket then it is him. He made Indian cricket what it is today and earned the required amount of respect that it deserves. He was in the Indian team during the 80’s and continued till 90’d and was called as the “Dilip Kumar” of the Indian cricket team. It is said that he is the first Indian cricketer who had the guts to bat looking into the eyes of the fast bowlers of other teams and also made the record scores against the best of them too. He has various track records and most of them are against the team of West Indies.
  • Sachin Tendulkar: After Sunil Gavaskar, who can make it to the top of the cricket in India, has to be Sachin Tendulkar and it is not only in India, he is named as the “God Of Cricket” across the globe. When he started playing he was just 16 but he made it clear from his debut that he is going to make all his way through to the top and he did so. When he is on the ground, then Indian cricket fans are so relieved and he has the record of making most centuries even against the toughest team of all time. If you just go back to the 2011 World-Cup, then you can remember how he played to take his team all through the qualifiers and the quarterlies and the semis to the final. After 28 years, India got the World-Cup and the whole world witnessed that it was Sachin whose effort were prominent for the glory.
  • Adam Gilchrist: If you want to know someone who is as good as a batsman and also as a wicketkeeper, then it has to be Adam Gilchrist. He has the highest strike rates when it comes to the different forms of game. Australia is counted as the best team and half of the credit goes to this man, it is his fear that every other team has which almost makes other players incapable of playing good cricket in front of him. He made a century out of just 57 balls which is one of the records out of many in his career and it is achieved in IPL.
  • Kapil Dev: If you name the best cricketer, then this name just fit the top of the list as not only India is proud of him but the cricket fraternity across the world understand what kind of player he is. He is a player who can bat as well as ball equally well which is one of the rarest combination that the players have, even if you see across the various teams. He is one of fastest bowler that India has produced and made hundreds of batsman fumble with his bowling techniques.
  • Shane Warne: If you appreciate the balling part of the cricket more then you must be aware of Shane Warne’s bowling techniques and the records and what sort of player he is. He is simply magical.

There are many others who are equally phenomenal and mind-blowing and evergreen cricketers.

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