Kabaddi and its facts

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Sport is the event to be played energetically by all the people in the world. There are different kinds of sports like indoor and outdoor games. Playing outdoor games like Kabaddi and its facts, volleyball, throw the ball, basketball gives you to maintain and improve your physical and mental activities. These are the games played at international level. Many people around the world like outdoor game players and probably they are a role model and inspiration for most of the them.kabaddi is the game played from small village level to the international level. It is well-known game to all the people around us. Even small age people like to play this game very interestingly. So that in this article you can gain information about the game Kabaddi and its facts to play Kabaddi.

Kabaddi and its facts

Kabaddi and its facts

Kabaddi and its facts

About the game:

Kabaddi is the national game for bangladesh.kabaddi is the contact sport which is played like in the Kabaddi court which is in umbrella shaped is the game called by different names in different names. Kabaddi is the state game for Tamilnadu, Telangana, Maharashtra etc. it is the game called sadugudu in Tamilnadu.this game is the traditional game of Tamilnadu and it is derived by hunting and village people of south Asia. The main objective to play this game is that players want to attack the defense team. If opposite team makes foul or out then riders will get the point. Players who have more points will be declared as winners.

Law of the game:

Rules of the game are called the law of the game. If you think that competition is to be fair then you should follow the rules and regulations of the game. Playing is easy but it is not a that much easier task. Rules of this game are simple that team should consist of seven the first team should take a ride to the opponent team to attack the team. If a player touches the opposite player then he will consider as out and the point will be declared to the ride team. The basic rules of the game are

  • If the player’s body touches the ground then he will be considered as out.
  • If the riders are many to pass then the players will be warning signal.
  • If the rider caught in the opponent court then he will be out according to the rule.
  • If the player violate the rules and it is seen by referee then he can point out his name to go out of the game.
  • During the play, if the members of the opposite team push the raider out of the boundary line then he will not be declared as out. A player who tries to pushes him as considered as out.

Above given are the rules to be followed by players during the play. If not warning is given to them.

Notable competitions:

There are several competitions to be followed in this game because of the traditional aspect around the world. Each and every competition level are different and awards also will be different. The notable competitions are

  • Asian games played since 1990
  • Asia Kabaddi cup started in 2011
  • Kabaddi world cup first played in the year 2004
  • Women’s world cup-formed in 2012 in India
  • Pro Kabaddi league formed in 2014
  • UK Kabaddi league formed in 2013
  • World Kabaddi league- formed in 2014

Skill that Kabaddi teaches you:

Playing Kabaddi helps to control their body and their mind. They can able to maintain patience and their concentration level. Below given are skills that help you to increase your self-control and they are

  • Helps in overcoming the fear
  • Enhances the presence of the mind
  • You can pay attention to small things
  • Helps to fight for your rights.

Finally, these are the basic skills that person requires in his lifetime so that keep playing kabaddi.It is the game combination of yoga and physical activity. By practicing Kabaddi regularly makes you a better person in the world.

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