Important Things Need To Understand About Badminton

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Important Things Need To Understand About Badminton, Badminton is a game played by either two opposing pairs or two opposing players those who take a position on opposite halves of the court. However, the playing court is divided by a net. The players score points through the process of striking a shuttlecock with the racquet. It passes over the net and the lands in the opponents half of the court.  Once the shuttlecock has struck the ground the rally ends and the shuttlecock may be stuck by each side before passes over the net.  There is some basic and simple rules are there want to respect when you playing it. The shuttlecock is feathered properties and unique aerodynamic properties. The shuttlecock is fly differently from balls and mostly used in racquet sports. Apart from that, the feathers create higher drag and causing the shuttlecock to decelerate rapidly than a ball.

Important Things Need To Understand About Badminton

Important Things Need To Understand About Badminton

Important Things Need To Understand About Badminton

The shuttlecock is special equipment used in this game that will also have a higher top speed when it compared to other sports. The game is also played in both indoor and outdoor as a casual activity of recreational often beach or garden game.  It is one of the important events that have been an Olympic sport five events such as women singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. In these five types of events, each pair is a woman and a man. At the high levels of the play, the game demands an excellent and high level of fitness. For playing, these game players need aerobic stamina, speed, precision, strength and agility.  However, the game is also a technical sport required the development of sophisticated racquet moments and good motor coordination.  The game is played on a rectangular court with specific measurements.

Apart from that, the measurement of the rectangular court is varying depending on a number of players involved to play this game. The net is also having a specific measurement that stretches across the court center.  The service line is used to divide the court. An additional line that runs from the service line to back boundary line presented perpendicular to the net that also divides the court back part into service courts. The shuttle is also called as a birdie. It is shaped like a cone and moves through the air than a ball.  Once the game is started the players score the points. When the birdie hits the floor n the opponent’s side the point is scored.  The following are some of the rules followed in this game. The players are cannot allow touching the net with the hand and the racket at any time.  The shuttlecock should not hit the floor and should not come to rest on the player’s racket.

At the same, the shuttlecock should not land outside the boundary of the court.  However, it should not hit the ceiling. The shuttlecock should be hit from below the waist in an underhand motion.  The players should not touch the lines on the court before the hit the shuttlecock.  Another important thing about the game is to start with a coin toss. The team to correctly call tails or heads gets to choose to serve otherwise allows another team to serve first. Regardless of the doubles and singles match the players serve always does so from the service line.  Players must land the shuttlecock inside the service line opposite to where the player is standing.  In addition, both receiver and server must stay inside the service court until the shuttlecock is served. In the two pairs of the match the server will change the service court, so the server is serving to a different player each time. the winner of the last game will serve first in the next game.

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